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We offer a range of Services to Meet your needs

At V-PRO Construction, we excel in both main contracting and subcontracting. As a main contractor, we oversee projects from start to finish, ensuring top-quality results. As subcontractors, we specialize in commercial carpentry, foundation and concrete work, and full residential builds, delivering exceptional craftsmanship and reliability in every project.



Our Services

Preconstruction Planning

At V-PRO, our preconstruction planning services lay the groundwork for successful projects. We conduct thorough site evaluations, develop detailed project schedules, and ensure precise cost estimations. This proactive approach minimizes risks and optimizes efficiency from the outset.

Construction Management

Our construction management team oversees every aspect of the building process, coordinating subcontractors, managing timelines, and ensuring that all work meets our stringent quality standards. We aim to deliver projects on time and within budget, maintaining clear communication with all stakeholders throughout.

Quality & Safety

We adhere to strict quality control measures and industry best practices, ensuring every project meets the highest standards. Additionally, we implement comprehensive health and safety protocols to create a safe working environment. Our commitment to excellence guarantees timely delivery and client satisfaction, making us a trusted partner in New Zealand's construction market.




Interior / Exterior / Roof Framing

Our expertise includes framing for all types of structures, whether it's framing for interior partitions, exterior walls, or even roof structures. We provide the essential framework for building stability and functionality.


Pre-cladding and Cladding systems

We specialize in the installation of pre-cladding and cladding systems, ensuring buildings are weather-tight and aesthetically appealing.

We do not work with Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) cladding.


Door & Window Fittings

Our team is skilled in the installation of doors and windows, ensuring proper sealing, security, and functionality. We pay close attention to detail for a professional finish.


Steel Stud Framing

We offer expertise in the installation of steel studs, which are essential for interior partitions and wall systems, providing strength and stability to the structure.


Ceiling & Soffits

Whether it's suspended ceilings, acoustic ceilings, or soffits, we have the experience to install a variety of ceiling systems, meeting both aesthetic and functional requirements.


Aluminium Glazing & Partitions

Our proficiency extends to the installation of aluminum glazing partitions, which are commonly used in interior spaces for both aesthetic and functional purposes.


Interior Linings

We are well-versed in interior lining installation, which includes wall linings, decorative finishes, and other interior surfaces that contribute to the overall aesthetics and functionality of the space.


CLT Panels & Beams

We specialize in the installation of Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) panels and beams, providing sustainable and efficient building solutions that offer high strength and stability for various construction projects.



Foundation & Concrete Work


All Types of Foundation

This includes but is not limited to pad foundations, strip foundations, raft foundations, and piled foundations. We are equipped to handle a variety of foundation types to meet the project's specific requirements.


Insitu Concrete

We have the capabilities and experience to undertake insitu concrete work for various structural elements, including but not limited to: columns, slabs, walls, staircases and other project specific structural elements.


Pre-cast Element Install

We specialize in the installation of various precast elements, such as: Ribs, Precast Panels, Double T, Precast Beams.


Latest Projects

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